E-cigarettes may represent a major leap in technology from their traditional analog counterparts, but many people like to use them in much the same way. To be specific, nicotine remains a popular ingredient for vaping e-liquids. It seems that even in this age, more than a thousand years after Native Americans first cultivated the tobacco plant, many still like to get a bit of the chemical into their system.

Many of the nicotine-based e-liquids available on the market contain freebase nicotine, the same form of the chemical that made Marlboro so popular. However, you do not need to be stuck in the 1960s. Innovation in the field of nicotine intake extends not only to devices, but also to the form that the nicotine takes. Here is some information on nicotine salt e-liquids, as well as the best available e-liquids of this kind.

What is Nicotine Salt E-Liquid?

Nicotine salt is the form that nicotine takes within the tobacco plant, with the addition of benzoic acid. Its “salt” designation does not refer to sodium chloride, but rather to its structure, which contains both an acid and a base. In this natural state, the chemical is at its most stable. However, this has the effect of making it more difficult to vaporize it. It also takes longer for the nicotine to make its way through the organic membranes in your body, meaning it ordinarily takes longer to feel the effects.

In contrast, freebase nicotine is nicotine that has been modified. When the acid part of the salt is removed, you are left with something that is simply a base and no longer includes a positive charge — hence the name. Without this, the newly, negatively ionized nicotine can now worm itself into your system with greater ease and speed. The temperature required for vaporization is also much lower. For decades, it has been the most popular form of nicotine for cigarettes, both analog and digital, because smokers and vapers can feel the effects right away.

Benefits of Nicotine Salt E-Liquids

At first glance, it may seem obvious why freebase nicotine is more popular. However, even those who swear by it cannot deny the fact that tolerance for this form of nicotine is universally much lower. By that, we mean that even as little as 3mg of it can taste quite harsh, and the average enthusiast cannot go beyond 18mg. It may be faster, yes, but it comes at the cost of less bang for your buck.

In contrast, there is no similar canceling-out in the properties of modern nicotine salt e-liquids. You can burn through as much as 50mg, and the taste will be much better than you might expect. This allows even more nicotine to enter your system, which can compound the effects substantially.

All of the negatives mentioned earlier about nicotine salt no longer apply as much to modern e-liquids. They now require less time to absorb and lower temperatures to vaporize, all because of a single extra ingredient: benzoic acid. The chemical reactions that result from the addition of this acid help the nicotine salt reach its fullest potential and provide the smoothest experience.

Using nicotine salt e-liquids may still require a bit more time than using e-liquids with the more conventional form of nicotine. When has that ever been a problem for people with this hobby? Benzoic acid helps you reach the journey much faster than standard nicotine salt, but vaping has always been just as much about the journey. The difference between freebase nicotine and nicotine salt is not unlike the difference between five straight shots of vodka and a finely-aged bottle of wine.

The Best Nicotine Salt E-Liquids

Nicotine salt can provide a much more satisfying vaping experience than freebase nicotine. However, any attempt at any kind of vaping experience may be a disappointment if you start with a mediocre or downright poor-quality product. You will want to start with only the best e-liquid, so you can see if it is your type. Here is a brief list to guide your search for the greatest.

NKD 100

If you cannot decide on one flavor, then Naked 100 E-Liquid has your back. Almost every product in their line of NKD 100 Salt E-liquids combines as few as two and as many as four different tastes. They are designed to mix elegantly and deliciously, making your nicotine salt vaping experience that much more satisfying. Although they are not suitable for sub-ohm vaping, NKD 100 products can still be enjoyed

No. 24 by Beard Vape Co.

Beard Vape Co. has a reputation for powerful flavors and bold choices, and that extends to their nicotine salt products. This particular e-liquid, No. 24, purposely tastes like salted caramel, with the additional and unmistakable essence of milkshake. The rich and creamy flavor will make your taste buds tingle, and because it contains nicotine salt, you can get more mg — and therefore more of the taste — in each puff.

Mig Vapor Mr. Pod Menthol Blast

Fans of Pod Mod systems can get in on the fun with Mig Vapor’s Mr. Pod line of “ultra-smooth e-liquids.” They come in a few different flavors, with our preference being their nicely minty “Menthol Blast.” Moreover, they provide an enjoyable vaping experience over a range of devices. No matter what you use, you will feel the effect pretty quickly.

Crumbleberry by the Milkman

As Veruca Salt from Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory might say, “Whoever heard of a crumbleberry?” The Milkman concocted a vape juice confection combining pastry crumble with raspberry — hence the rather Wonkaesque name. A heap of cream ties the whole flavor together, and the nicotine salt lets you take in and feel more at once.

Air Factory — Strawberry Kiwi Salts

Air Factory may only be three years old, but this brand has boomed in popularity. Vape enthusiasts looking for the next big thing, and preferably one with nicotine salt, can get a kick out of their Strawberry Kiwi Salts. The potent mix of strawberry and kiwi fills your throat with both acidic tang and sugary sweetness. The nicotine salt itself allows the e-liquid to please you with just a few hits.

JasmineVape.com can supply you with top-notch vaping products, and our all-encompassing selection includes nicotine salt e-liquids. This type of e-liquid can provide you with a more impactful and impressive experience than more conventional freebase products. If that sounds like something you and your vaping buddies might enjoy, visit our online superstore and find your new favorite juice today.