For many enthusiasts, including those who are new to the pastime, vaping seems simple enough. All they need to do is pop in the cartridge, turn on the device, and start puffing away. These folks are perfectly in the right to take that casual approach. All that matters is if they are content.

Some vaping fans, however, are more curious than the rest. They may recognize that a vaporizer is a complex gadget, one that is more than meets the eye. They start tinkering with the settings, swapping the bundled parts for potentially better alternatives, and looking for more information online (including blogs like ours). They also recognize that it's oftentimes cheaper to rebuild a vape coil instead of buying a whole new mod.

This approach is also valid, and the inquisitive enthusiast may yield some rewarding results. If you go beyond conventional vaping practices, you can discover alternative forms of vaping and their benefits. Here is some information about one such method, known as sub-ohm vaping.

What are Ohms?

Before we get into explaining sub-ohm vaping, we should explain the definition of the term “sub-ohm.” Before we get into that, we need to break down into two parts. We should with the latter: an ohm is a unit of measurement indicating the amount of resistance your vaporizer’s atomizer has against electric current. Most coils are set by default to have a resistance between 1.5 and 3 ohms — higher than one ohm. Using such a coil is known as above ohm vaping. Using anything lower than one ohm would be — you guessed it — sub-ohm vaping.

The term comes from Georg Ohm, a 19th-century German physicist who created a formula that shows the relationship between voltage, resistance, and current in a conductor. Why would anyone want to learn about a physics formula just for vaping? Well, a knowledge of physics can have some rather down-to-earth applications beyond calculating the movements of falling objects and orbiting planets. Maybe you can figure out the application on your own by looking at the formula itself.

Ohm’s Law states that “I = V/R.” I represents how much electrical current (in amperes) gets to flow through a conductor. Meanwhile, V represents the voltage (in volts) and R represents the said conductor’s resistance to the current’s flow (in ohms). Increasing the voltage allows more current to flow through at once — something that is not always safe or practical for vaping devices. Some pioneering hobbyists took another look at the formula and realized that lowering the resistance can have the same effect. They modded their coils until their resistance dropped below one ohm. That is how it all started.

What are the Benefits of Sub Ohm Vaping?

Some readers might still not be clear as to why lowering resistance is all that desirable. They can rest assured that those pioneers would not have gone through the trouble of adjusting their devices without some good reasons. For starters, each hit is more flavorful when you engage in sub-ohm vaping. More current flowing at a time means more e-juice getting atomized at a time, which can create a whole new experience even with familiar cartridges. Your favorite e-juices may taste completely different, while ones that you disliked may come out much more palatable.

Moreover, and more importantly for more than a few people, sub-ohm vaping results in enormous clouds. By lowering the resistance of the coil, the current reaches the e-juice and heats it up much faster than you could with other vape devices. The result is more vapor at a time flowing into your mouth and down to your lungs. The clouds you exhale can be positively massive, which you can use to impress your friends, perform tricks, and just enjoy vaping. If you have seen anyone unleash gigantic plumes of vapor in one shot, they are almost certainly enjoying the benefits of sub-ohm vaping.

Best Tanks and Mods for Sub Ohm Vaping

Back in the day, the pioneers of sub-ohm vaping had to decrease their atomizers’ resistance on their own. Now, anyone can purchase readymade tanks and mods from most retailers of vaping products. In fact, there are so many such products that we put together a list of the best ones, so you know what to pick.

Sub-Ohm Coils

We know that sub-ohm vaping is popular and one of the most desired ways to enjoy vaping, so Jasmine Vape provides sub-ohm coils from top brands that are perfect for sub-ohm vaping and can reach the desired temperature efficiently. Some brands available are Kanger, Aspire, Yocan, Smok, and others. Model features include rebuildable coils or replacement atomizer heads. These atomizers are made from stainless steel and some have ceramic coils while others have cotton coils. Options include either 3 pack or 5 pack coils with a variety of resistance options. Each of the different coils has recommended wattage settings for different devices. Below we've explained a couple of popular choices but for more coil info, check out each of the coil products to make the right choice for your mod.

Kanger CLOCC

Kanger CLOCC Coils are perfect for Kanger CLTank 2.0. There are two kinds of Ni200 Coils and SUS316L Coils respectively with a resistance of 0.15ohm and 0.5ohm. The 0.5 Ohm coils have an SS316L resistance wire, which is good for all sub-ohm mods and for use with devices that support SS Temp Control Modes. The 0.15 Ohm coil with nickel Ni200 resistance wire can only be used on devices with support Temp Control. It features a rebuildable coil design and has Japanese organic cotton. The flavor and the cloud generation is spectacular with these coils.

Smoktech TFV8

Smoktech breathlessly advertises the Smoktech TFV8 as “a cloud beast” and “a formidable, gasping lion.” As dramatic as these descriptors may be, using the device truly makes users capable of producing expansive vapor clouds. Smoktech’s patented “Turbo Engines,” along with their “Turbo Boosted” drip tips and coils and other parts, create an efficient, durable, and powerful sub-ohm vaping machine.

Enjoy Sub Ohm Vaping with Jasmine Vape

We understand that every vaping enthusiast has their own way of enjoying this hobby. That is why we strive to outfit people with the vape kits, mods, coils, and replacement parts they want, so they can do it their way. 

We hope this introductory guide to sub-ohm vaping opens your eyes to a new and exciting method of vaping. We also hope that it encourages you to learn more and explore. If you are interested in trying it out, check out our inventory today.