Vaping can be enjoyable, but what happens if you find, one day, that the experience is not as fun as it used to be? You might think that the pastime has lost its edge. However, it may just be that the only thing that lost its edge is your vaping device. Any experienced enthusiast will tell you that maintenance is vital to enjoying this activity. It may not always be intuitive, but it is not impossible to learn.

At the very least, anyone interested in vaping should know when and how to replace vape coils. After all, this part, more than perhaps another, is what makes vaping possible. This article will show you what you need to do.

Knowing the Signs

Fresh vape coils typically last a couple of weeks, depending on how often you vape and how well you maintain your device. You can increase their longevity somewhat if you break them in properly and clean them often. However, you will have to replace them sometime. Here are some telltale signs indicating that the time for replacement has come.

Smaller Vape Clouds

Producing clouds is undeniably a fun part of vaping. Some people consider this aspect to be so key to the overall experience that they choose devices, parts, and e-liquids specifically to create bigger clouds. There is no shame in that, nor learning how to blow rings or do other amusing tricks.

However, such tricks may be harder to pull off if your coils are bust. The whole purpose of that component is to heat up the e-liquid, which produces vapor. If your clouds seem smaller than usual despite your efforts, it may be because your coils are old and have a harder time generating heat.

Burnt Flavor

Another appealing aspect of vaping is the taste you experience as the vapor leaves your mouth. Traditional tobacco products taste like, well, tobacco. E-cigarettes and other vaping devices utilize special juices, called e-liquid, which come in an astounding variety of flavors. Take, for example, Naked 100’s Polar Breeze — a chilly blend of pineapple, cantaloupe, and honeydew.

Ideally, you should be able to taste all the touted flavors of an e-liquid. However, when your coils need replacement, they will affect your ability to sense any of these flavors. The only one you might be able to detect may be bitter, or even “burnt” — a decidedly less pleasant sensation than pineapple, cantaloupe, and honeydew.

Leakage from the Device

Nobody wants their e-liquid to leak out of their device, but it can happen. Quite a few mishaps can cause this to happen, from too much e-juice to cracks in the tank. If you check for these issues and cannot see any issues, you may want to check under the tank. Flaws with the coil heads may be responsible.

Additionally, you should be careful when you replace your coils. Among the more obvious reasons, a coil that is not screwed in properly may fail to adequately hold up the tank. This could, ironically, lead to still more leakage.

How to Replace

Being able to identify when it is time to change your vape coils is great, but it is only a start. You cannot ignore the signs for too long without taking action. Otherwise, it could tarnish the vaping experience — or even result in damage on the device. Here are the steps to replacing the coils.

1. Know and Identify the Vape Coil

Which type of vape coil are you using? The answer is important because there is a variety, from sub-ohm atomizers to top coil clearomizers and more. You need to know what kind to get as a replacement.

Moreover, each coil may require certain steps for removal and replacement that differ from the rest. For example, bottom coil clearomizers may be exchanged without you needing to empty the tank, while top coil clearomizers need the tank to be emptied.

2. Empty and Remove the Device’s Tank

The coil is right under the tank. That means the tank gets in the way of changing out the coil, especially if it contains e-liquid that could spill everywhere. Once you clear the way, the coil will be exposed and the rest should be rather straightforward.

(Of course, as we mentioned earlier, bottom coil clearomizers are the exception. Accessing the coil is as easy as inverting the device.)

Disassembling the device like this may feel weird at first, but the process will familiarize you with its inner workings. It will get easier the more you do it. Plus, you get the opportunity to clean your tank, as well as any other parts of the device that may need cleaning.

3. Unscrew and Remove the Old Coil

If you take a look at the coil, it should be firmly integrated into the base. That tightness is good for keeping the whole device together and preventing any misfires. At this point, though, it needs to be loosened.

Most if not all devices are designed so that you can unscrew the coil by hand. If you need to make it easier on yourself, just grab a paper towel. Once you pop it off, take a look inside and see just how dirty and scarred it can get.

4. Insert and Secure the New Coil

At last, it is time to fill the empty space in the vape device with the replacement — wait, actually, there is one more action. It is vital that you first drip a few drops on the cotton within the new coil. Getting it wet like this makes for a better burn and prevents various problems down the line.

Now is when you screw the vape coil into place. Once you do this and reassemble everything, you are ready to resume vaping. The large clouds and lovely liquid flavors should return, as well as your ability to enjoy the experience.

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