Vaping refers to the act of inhaling and exhaling vapour. This vapour is usually flavoured and is mostly consumed by smokers trying to quit smoking. Vaping is done via different vaping devices, the most prominent ones being the Vape Mods and Pod Mods. 

It is important to know the structural and functional differences between different vaping devices in order to make a sound choice. The two mentioned above are radically different from each other and therefore, have been discussed in detail. 

Vape Liquids/E-Juice or Vape juice usage is on the rise especially with the increase in the use of electronic vaporizers. Vape liquid is the juice contained in the vaporizers to obtain vapour upon being heated. The heat produced in the mod leads this liquid to heat up and thus produce vapours. 

This liquid is usually a mix of PG and VG, nicotine(if required) and water. PG is propylene glycol that helps distribute the flavour and nicotine evenly in throughout the liquid. Vegetable Glycerine is a thick and sweet liquid with vegetable content. 

Vape Mods are usually designed for sub-ohm vaping. Sub-ohm vaping produces more power and hence more vapour and uses low resistance coil for heating usually under 1ohm, therefore it is referred to as sub-ohm vaping. Sub-ohm vaping is only done via vape mods and not via pod mods.

A Pod vape works using a battery that heats a coil and produces vapours for the smoker to inhale. The pod vape comes with pre-filled or refillable liquid. Usually, the nico-salt content of pod vapes is higher and is therefore advisable for smokers. They are suitable for smokers who are trying to quit smoking. It is the closest substitute for a cigarette. 

The above explains the structural difference between the two, however, to make a sound decision on your vaping choices, it is important to understand their functionality. Here are the key points of difference between Vape Liquid(Mods) and Pod Vapes: 

  • Affordability: Pod mods are more cost-effective as they come with refillable liquids, the liquid ratio can be controlled by the user. You can buy a bottle or two of your favourite flavour and fill it up yourself as opposed to buying pre-filled liquids or vape liquids that are certainly more expensive. Vape/Mod pods also have to be structured manually, which can be a task. Therefore making mod vapes is way more expensive than pod vapes. 

  • Applications: Pod mods are lighter and very similar to e-cigarettes. Pod mods offer the ability to a person to alter the quantity of nicotine and flavour as per his/her choice. Vape mods, on the other hand, are bulkier and offer more density of vape produced. They can customise the settings of the device to produce more and denser vapour(because of sub-ohm vaping), therefore, enjoying the flavour. 

  • E-Liquids: One of the major functional differences between Vape Mods and Pod Vapes is the use of different e-liquids. Pod vapes usually are for sub-ohm vaping i.e a device that produces a denser vaping experience and enable one to produce more vape, therefore providing a better visual experience. On the other hand, Vape Mods use nico-salts or have higher nicotine content. Vape mods are the closest possible substitutes to a cigarette.

  • Compatibility: Vape pods are more compatible with other vaping pods from other brands. This implies that the parts of a Vape pod are changeable and can be removed and used in another vape pod from a different brand. This is not the case with Pod mods as each pod mod has parts that are specially made for it. The Vape pods can be dismantled and reconstructed (but only by an expert for safety reasons), on the other hand, pod mods cannot be dismantled, each part is customised and made for a specific pod mod. 

  • Size: Pod Mods are easier to carry as they will easily fit in your pocket. They are small in size and therefore a replacement of e-cigarettes, they are also relatively low maintenance as they don’t come with coils. They use refillable coils. On the other hand, Vape mods are bulkier as discussed and may not essentially be small in size and therefore as easy as pod mods to carry.

  • Battery: The Vape/Mod pods usually provide better battery backup as compared with Pod mods. Pod mods are portable, small devices and need to be charged frequently, on the other hand, Vape pods provide a longer-lasting battery as they use low resistance coil that heats the liquid to produce vapour, limiting the use of the battery.

The choice of your vaping device depends from one individual to another. While pods are more discreet, lighter, easy to use and affordable, mods are more customisable, produce more and denser vapour. 

After discussing the functionality, advantages and disadvantages of both these types of vapes, you surely understand that both have benefits and shortcomings of their own. It really just depends on your lifestyle and needs. Also, it is not essential to make a choice. One can opt for both. You can go for pod mods when in need of something discreet, with higher nicotine, easy to use and less complicated and Mod pod for a more customised sub-ohm led experience. 

Vaping is a lifestyle choice and therefore, an important one so it is essential to do adequate research and understand the product that you are going to use. More so when it is something that affects your health and body. Happy Vaping!